Off to Ohio!


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I already know, this weekend is going to be one that come Monday I’ll be wondering where the time went and how I need another weekend to recover from my weekend and all that fun stuff.

This evening I’m getting on a plane with my mom and my sister and we’re heading to Ohio for my grandma’s 80th birthday! My dad left yesterday so he’ll be picking us up at the airport when we get there. I think there was supposed to be a big party or something but unfortunately Grandma had a pace maker (or two) put in back in Jan and is still in the cardiac rehab center, so we’ll see what kind of party we can crank out in there.

Anyways, we’re flying out this evening around 7-7:30 and flying home Sunday morning around 7-7:30. Seriously. Good thing I really like my family because I am not looking forward to such a quick travel turn around! Plus the fact that it’s supposed to be FREEZING and SNOWING in Ohio and I have been spoiled by the 50’s we’ve been having here lately so I am completely unprepared for the cold that is coming.

And of course poor Nate is staying home this weekend. He has to work probably most of the day tomorrow so he’s been exempted from the trip.

Oh, and this picture of the two suitcases? At Christmas Nate and I had to fly home an extra suitcase, borrowed from my aunt. So I’m flying it back up with me this weekend packing my regular suitcase inside of it. Either a really good idea, or a really horrible idea, I haven’t completely decided yet.

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  1. Have a good time! We had to celebrate my grandpa’s 90th birthday at a rehabilitation center. We were able to have quite a shindig, so I’m sure you’ll work it out!


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