Celebrity Dairy

Celebrity Goat Farm

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Last weekend we went to open barn day at the Celebrity Dairy Farm in Siler City. Somehow I came home with no pictures of actual goats, and about 500 pictures of chickens. Maybe I’ll get the actual goats next time. I was planning on posting these pictures after I got some goat pictures from Jennifer, but I keep forgetting to ask her, so I figured what the heck!

There were no baby goats yet, but we were told that they should have plenty by the time the open barn comes back in March so we will definitely be going back!

Anyways, we saw goats, chickens, pigs, cats and about a zillion children trying to catch the chickens. Jennifer and I caught a couple ourselves. Really I expected the chickens to be way more pissed off about being picked up, but they seemed to handle it well.

We also saw some poor people in a mini van stuck in the mud when we got there. Note to people: Mini vans should maybe not be parked in giant mud pits. And then after the farm guy is nice enough to tow you out of the mud, maybe wait til he unhooks your car from the tow line before trying to drive away. Just maybe.

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  1. Kimmykins13

    Siler City heehee, That’s where Aunt Bea was from!!! I dated a guy from Siler City in college and went there with him a few times although I haven’t been there in years!


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