Today I went with my sister to her gym to do yoga.

I’ve done yoga on the Wii Fit, but never any actual real yoga. I think the last time I went to a real-ish gym was the gym at college so I’m not sure that really counts.

It’s also the first any type of exercise since I hurt my knee and I think it went pretty well. There were only a couple of moves that really aggrivated it and I came home, iced it and put it back in the brace. So far it’s going well.

I was really pretty nervous because I am SO completely not flexible in the slightest, but it was kind of fun and not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I mean sure I wasn’t doing all of the full bending what-not and there were some times when I couldn’t figure out exactly what the teacher was doing to follow it… But I lived! Hopefully that means my knee is really on the mend so hopefully I’ll be able to get back onto the Wii fit this week. I’ve actually kind of missed it. 

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