This is the funniest video EVER. Seriously people. EVER. There’s a lot of swearing involved so may I recommend some ear plugs or closing of doors or something like that if necessary? I think it perfectly describes how I feel about some things. Like trying to get the built in garage door opener in my car to work.

Last night on my way home I saw a bumper sticker that says “WTFWJD” and while it took me a second to get it, I definitely laughed out loud.

I want to order everything thinkgeek makes. Everything.

Star Wars A Capella

I stayed up until 11 to watch Life on Mars last night while Nate watched the UNC/Duke game. Normally I would be at least mildly disappointed that Carolina won, but I’m so excited that NC State beat Wake Forest that I just can’t quite make myself care enough to hate UNC right now. Maybe later. 😉

That also means that I got around 6 hours of sleep last night which is FAR LESS than the 9 hours I require to function like a normal person. Also less than the 7-8 hours I usually get on a work night.

That also means I’m seriously about to wash my face and brush my teeth so that I can hopefully make it into bed around 9pm. I am completely OK with that.

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