Wii Knee

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My knee has been bothering me for about a week now so today I finally went to the Urgent Care center in my office to have it looked at. To be honest I hadn’t paid it much attention except that I knew it HURT and I was hoping it would STOP HURTING soon.

So the PA said it was swollen asked questions, poked, bent, un-bent my leg and called it “tennis elbow” of the knee. Of course I was sitting there thinking “this doesn’t really hurt all that bad any more, maybe it’s almost healed!” and then I headed back to my desk and after all that poking and prodding it was killing me.

I’m 99% sure it happened jumping around playing with the new Dance Dance Revolution last week, so technically it sounds like my mom was right and that would make it Wii Knee. Or something like that.

I went in thinking she would give me an anti-inflammatory of some sort and tell me to take it easy for a few days.

Instead I got a very attractive knee brace, ordered to wear sneakers instead of heels, ice it once or twice a day, elevate it when possible and a 12 day steroid prescription. In addition to being told to take it easy. I asked how long it would take to heal and was not encouraged by the story she told about a quad tear she had once that took about 6 weeks.

6 weeks! Are you freaking kidding me!? I was on the Dance Dance like 4 times and now I have to sit around for 6 freaking weeks?! Normally I woulnd’t mind but I had just really gotten into a good rhythm on the Wii Fit and exercising more days a week than I wasn’t and now I’m not supposed to do weight bearing exercise.

WTF, Knee?! What did I ever do you you?! What a bummer.

Oh, and lastly, let me just say how awesome it was having the PA notice that I’m 29 now and my body can’t handle things like it used to, hence the wii knee. THANKS A LOT!