Painting is Fun

New Paint!

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The kitchen has been painted. It was sort of hard to get a good picture of the color, but it’s a greenish gray and the same color I painted the laundry room.

A whole actual room in the “new” year old house has been painted, and it looks pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

And it’s a good thing we like the color because there’s a whole gallon left over. We used the same color in the kitchen that I had used in the laundry room so there was already a half gallon of it. And the kitchen seemed really big so I figured we needed two gallons to cover it and would have some left over in the end.

Two coats of paint later there was much less wall space than I thought in the kitchen and we have about 1 and ¼ gallons left.


So eventually another room in the house will be painted this color, I’m just not sure which one yet!