They Found Us

Tonight we seem to have been targeted by telemarketers.

Since coming home from work I’ve taken four calls and when I was on the fourth call another one came in that I couldn’t get to.

First one asked for me by my maiden name. I asked to be removed from the list before she even got to start her speech.

Second one was an automated call about insurance. I hung up on it.

Third one also asked for me by my maiden name, only she was unfortunate enough to mispronounce it. Grimes. Not pronounced Grimms. Long “i” people. It’s not hard. So I corrected her (a tad sharply, I’ll admit) and she hung up on me.  

Fourth one didn’t even bother with a last name and just said “Erin,” then started in about how I was going to be receiving a bunch of subscriptions to magazines soon as part of a promotion and she just wanted to let me know so I wouldn’t wonder where they were coming from. I asked about a zillion questions trying to figure out how my name got on whatever list she had and finally I said “but I won’t be charged for any of this?” And she said “not unless you sign up. Do you want to sign up?” Umm seriously? Which part of “you’ll be getting these magazines as a promotion” sounds like you have to sign up for something. So I said no thanks. And of course during that call while I was trying to figure out who those people were (Viking Magazine is what the caller ID said) another number tried to beep in but I couldn’t cut over to find out what they wanted to sell me.

So I’m going to go make sure my phone number is on the do not call list because WOW this is just weird.

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