The Reign of Destruction Continues

So far the score is:

Layne 3/Us 0

A couple weeks ago Layne chewed through her crate. We got her a new one.

On Saturday we went out to run errands, were gone for 2 hours max and came home to find the pegs in Layne’s new crate doors bent and Layne running around the room her crate was in. Nate bent them back.

Today Nate got home from work and there she was again. On the wrong side of her crate door.

So this time Nate swears he’s got the thing to keep her in the crate so we’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

If it doesn’t work we’ll have to formulate a new game plan. I’m leaning towards trying to find a good place to leave them out in the house during the day. Gouda used to be out all day and he did fine, but Layne hasn’t ever been “safe” enough to leave out. Granted, when she escaped her crate the first time and was free in the whole house it went fine, but once upon a time she was fine in her crate too. What happens when she gets bored on the outside of her crate? She had better not start chewing through the house!