I Need an Interpreter

Nate started playing indoor soccer recently (thanks, Kim!) and I’ve been going to his games.

Except next week’s game is at 10:30 so I’m going to go ahead and pass on that one, but otherwise they’re actually pretty fun to go to.

Except for the part where the bleachers are cold and uncomfortable.

And the part where I have NO clue what’s going on. If the ball hits the net and the ref blows the whistle I know what’s going on. If the ref blows the whistle and the ball did not hit the net there’s a 100% chance I have no clue what just happened. Ted and his wife came to the last game and Ted understands soccer so he was able to keep us in the loop but this time? This time it was just me and I was lost.

And just for extra fun? We totally saw Greg Fishel there and while we managed to keep our mouths closed it was still oddly cool and we kept elbowing eachother and nodding in his direction. We’re losers.

And now it’s time for bed, YAY!


3 thoughts on “I Need an Interpreter

  1. You probably aren’t the only one that was lost. I personally cant’ stand soccer, so I never bothered to learn the rules. Its a great way to get exercise but man its extremely boring to watch.


  2. hahah if the ball hits the net, I’m right there with you, I know why the whistle blew. other than that, yeah, I have no clue either, and I’m on the field! oh man, I suck at this…but it’s fun!


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