I think I’ve made it pretty clear that recently I’ve been avoiding painting. Like the plague.

Last weekend it finally caught up with me.

Nate found a coupon for some organization company in one of the weekly ad papers and since our master closet was definitely lacking in the space efficiency department we decided to call them and get a quote on three closets. I tried desperately to convince Nate we could do our own closet upgrade but in the end we compromised and our master closet will be done on Wednesday by the professionals and the other closets in the house will be done at some future date by us.

Of course the company that will install our new closet does not do tear down. Not even for an extra charge. So we were responsible for removing the old closet shelving and racks, patching and painting.


And I discovered that there is something even worse than painting. Because the shelves that came in the closet when we moved in were very nice, and I think they covered holes from a previous wire shelving system that was taken down before we even saw the house. So we pulled down shelves, shelf support, all of which was caulked around and painted onto the walls. When I was spackling the mess I kept thinking how I had finally found something that sucked even more than painting!


Then 6 hours later when I was sanding I was thinking I actually found something that sucked more than spackling. Much, much more. So very more I wasn’t sure if I would ever be able to use my hands again and I really should have taken a picture of how covered in white dust I was, because it was impressive.

And then there was the touch up painting and we were shocked (shocked I tell you!) to find that the touch up paint color had the same not-quite-matching problem in the closet as it did in the living room. So we had to repaint the whole closet.


I think it took us longer to tear down the old closet than it did to install our new closet in the last house. Except for the 10 days and 200 coats of paint I put on in the garage the week before hand, but that was nothing compared to this.

So that being said, new closet is installed Wednesday which can’t come soon enough because currently the bed in our spare bedroom is acting as our closet and it woefully lacking in the “usefulness” department.

We also plan on reusing the wood from our closet in the pet room upstairs to re-do that closet. Wire shelving sucks and pet treats and pet medications are small and tip over and fall through the cracks and we’re so over it. So it will be the first closet to be re-done and we’re totally recycling!

And also? Painting the master closet makes me want to paint every room in my house. I’m not even kidding but all I want to do is go paint the upstairs bathroom (along with every other room in my house)!