Heart Attack

Friday when I got home from work I was greeted by Layne at the garage door.

Layne who should still have been in her crate since Nate was still at work and I put her in the crate when I left for work. Some of you may remember how she once got out of her crate because I didn’t latch the door all the way, but I make damn sure I latch the door correctly now. And we leave the door open now so the cats can wander in and out to their litter box (which we’ve done since we moved here a year ago).

After running around the house hysterically doing a cat/destruction check I found both cats and no damage.

So then I went to see how she could have possibly gotten out of her crate.

I mentioned that she has been chewing it again lately and we have no idea why. When she was a puppy she had a bad separation anxiety and chewed a hole through her plastic crate. After starting on a medication she stopped and until the last two weeks she hadn’t chewed since. We’re honestly at a loss as to what could have caused her to start chewing again. After consulting our vet Layne is being switched from her current meds to Prozac.

Anyways, this is what I saw when I got to the dog room.


The crate on the left is (obviously) Layne’s. It used to be even with the crate on the right. It also used to still have the piece that connected the bottom to the middle, enclosing the hole so there was plastic all around it. What happened is that she chewed that piece off. I found it in her crate. After chewing it off she some how scooted the crate forward to brace it against the dry sink and then squeezed her way out of the crate pulling the bottom of the door out of it’s hook to make enough space for her to escape.

Who knows how long it took her, who knows how long she was out. I’d like to think that since she was good that time that she would be good every time, but I’m just not sure.

I mean it’s not even that she completely hates the crate. She walks into it willingly, when it’s time for them to get into their crates in the morning she waits with Gouda outside the door until we let her in.

So we’re hoping the new meds will do the trick because otherwise I just don’t know what else to do. I just can’t figure out what could have triggered this new anxiety.

Today we bought a new crate for her. I sprayed the corners with bitter apple spray hoping that it won’t taste good and she won’t want to chew it. I’m also going to try to exercise her more in the evenings. I mean maybe she’s decided that she’s bored and that’s why she wants out?

UGH! I wish I knew.

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