Recently at work we launched a new website. I played a small role in developing a very specific piece of the site. I know there were a ton of meetings and months and months of work and my total part took just a few hours over a week or so to get together. I’m not trying to say it wasn’t an important piece, it was, it just wasn’t a big one and I didn’t go through nearly the amount of work, effort and time put into it as everyone else. I don’t know why I feel the need to put that out there, but there it is.

Anyways, today there was a lunch for the people that worked on the site. I was invited. I got the invite Monday and skimmed it. It said reply by Friday so she can make reservations to get an accurate count. This morning I noticed that it actually meant last Friday and the lunch was today. I immediately started trying to think of ways to get out of going. Mosly rationalizing to myself that for breakfast I had a bacon egg and cheese English muffin, an orange juice, a donut and a medium coffee (hello, Dukin Donuts!) and that I still seriously felt like I wouldn’t need to eat again for the rest of the week. I also started stressing out a little, about the possibility of having to go to lunch with people I don’t know very well (although there were people on my team going who I do know and have been to lunch with before, they also have worked much closer with the rest of the people that would be there). I just really really didn’t want to go and I really don’t have an actual reason I can pinpoint except that the whole thing just seemed like it would probably make me ridiculously uncomfortable. A smallish group I could probably handle, but I think it was more like a largish group

I’m moderately socially awkward. I don’t converse easily with people I don’t know and I’m not really good at making small talk. For the most part I’m completely ok with that except that I means I wind up freaking out in situations like this where I may actually be forced to interact with people I don’t know very well.

So that’s not even the most ridiculous part of this whole thing. That part is when I heard my coworkers talking about it and knowing if I was sitting there they would realize I was invited and try to bring me with them, I went to the bathroom hoping by the time I got back they would be gone. And they were. And I was relieved.

And then one of them called me to apologize for leaving without me and telling me that if I hurried I could probably still catch a ride with another coworker. I thanked him for the suggestion but told him I would pass on the lunch and I hope I didn’t sound like too big a mental case in the process.

So there it is. I hid in the bathroom to avoid social interaction with people I don’t know from work. Just a little piece of my crazy.

Speaking of crazy…

Layne has started chewing on her crate again while we’re gone. She did it when she was a puppy, we started medicating her and she stopped. We have not stopped medicating her but all of a sudden she has started chewing it again. I’ve called the vet but so far we’re playing phone tag. This evening we got home and she had chewed it enough to make her gums bleed. We feel awful but have no idea what to do. We’ve upped her dosage and so far it hasn’t helped so we upped it again tonight and hopefully I’ll actually get to talk to the vet tomorrow morning and they’ll be able to get her squared away. Poor thing!

3 thoughts on “Anti-Social

  1. Haha! I have to say that I would have done the same thing in your situation! In fact, my husband has a work party coming up at the end of this month that I am dreading attending. I’m just not good at being social. And there’s nothing wrong with that 🙂


  2. Our little puppy is crate trained too.

    At first he really didn’t like it at all. He’d cry all the time. I don’t know what you’ve tried so far, but this is what we’ve done.

    Our dog trainer said that we should first sit beside the crate with treats. Then, we’d say the command “crate” (use whetever word you want) and give him a treat when he just walks in. We didn’t shut the door on him, just let him get used to going in and out. We did this for a couple of days. You could do it over a weekend if you’re really pro-activt about it.

    Then, after our pup went in and out without a problem we asked him to lay down inside the crate. After he was calm we’d slowly close the door on him. We practiced this over and over, never closing the door until he was really calm and not stressed at all.

    Then, put we put him in there with the doors closed for 5 minutes while we were home and then let him out. The trainer said don’t make a big deal about the dog getting out. Just open the door and walk away giving him no eye contact.

    We slowly increased the time he was in the crate in 5 minute increments, while we were at home. Our trainer explained that our dog needed to realize that being in the crate did not always mean he was going to be alone. He also needed to know that it wasn’t a punishment in anyway.

    Good luck, pal!


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