So in yet another brilliant plan to avoid painting I’ve started copying crafty things I’ve seen other people doing on the internet.

I made a tutu for one niece and baby legwarmers for the other.

I was 100% sure the tutu would be SO easy because how hard can it be to tie some tulle to a ribbon?

Apparently it can be very hard if you’re not sure how to hold the ribbon still while you tighten the tulle around it. But I managed and the finished product is totally adorable.

High on my tutu victory I decided to attempt baby legwarmers. That involve actual sewing possibly even with the actual sewing machine.

My first attempt resulted in my stitching the folded over piece to itself but somehow I missed the third layer almost (but not quite) entirely. My second attempt resulted in one perfect legwarmer so then I had to pull the crappy stitching out of the first attempt and I think that took longer than sewing one bad and two good legwarmers put together.

I bought three pairs of socks and only made one pair of legwarmers. After my initial victory I wanted to end things on a good note, but maybe later this week I’ll work on the other two pairs.

Still on my list of things to figure out is crocheting and hat knitting.

One thought on “Crafty

  1. The leg warmers came out great also! I love making those. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy. Which is why BD has about a dozen pairs. 😉


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