Horrid Teenage Years Picture Day (Late-ish Edition)

So last Friday Helen declared “International Internet Reveal Your Horrid Teenage Years Picture Day” and I was super psyched and all set to publicly older pictures of myself.

And then I went and looked and found that I really don’t have that many old pictures of myself, they’re actually mostly at my parents’ house and so I considered going over there to dig for the really good stuff, but I didn’t make it and I sort of figured this was one of those things where I would end up just putting it off so many times that it might never happen and I would really hate to deprive the internet of the opportunity to see this stuff.

So here we go:

I think this was 8th grade? Maybe? Note the awesome flower sweater (what was I, 80?!) and there are definitely the awesome braces involved. I don’t even want to talk about my bangs.


And just for fun, I think this must have been 8th grade too. I suppose it could have been 7th but close enough, right? I just wanted to further demonstrate my awesome ability to pick clothes. Here I am rocking the cat sweatshirt.


And of course in highschool I only got cooler. I was in the marching band. And the Latin Club. I know, I know. Hard to believe someone with so much awesome in highschool went on to do something like computer programming for a living. So here I am with my clarinet and my fabulously fashionable band uniform. I would say I’m sorry I couldn’t find one where I was wearing the hat that goes with it, but that’s not true. I found one and I just chose not to post it. Sorry, Internet.


And also I was almost completely incapable of wearing clothes that actually fit. I still have some of those shirts I wore in highschool except they’ve been re-purposed as sleep shirts instead of wear in public shirts. So this last picture is my in a London train station and it really sums up what was my look in high school. Somehow I wore actual sneakers instead of my signature black high top all star converse, but those things are definitely not meant for walking.

Black Trench Coat – Check
Men’s size large shirt – Check
Blonde hair with massive roots – Check
Ugly clips holding back mid-stage-growing-out-bangs – Check
Entirely too many rings on each hand – Check, Check


Seriously, note the Eeyore ring on my pinky.

Some day I would love to do a post with all the fun hair colors I’ve had throughout the years but somehow I can’t find pictures of some of the best ones. At least not pictures that really show how incredibly purple my hair once was, for example.

And also, looking back through these old pictures seriously cracked me up because holy cow did we used to play the hell out of some Twister in high school. I can’t even tell you how many pictures of that I have. It’s a lot.

Oh, and Helen also said something about delurking day, so if you’re lurking please say hi!


9 thoughts on “Horrid Teenage Years Picture Day (Late-ish Edition)

  1. You think you had trouble picking out clothes?? I might have to find someone to scan a photo of me in the 7th/8th grade wearing a black leotard, BRIGHT red tights, acid wash cut off jeans, and keds. (I don’t even know where I got the idea that this was fashionable! Let’s not even think about the paisley legging that I once owned…) I had attempted to cut bangs without realizing that curly hair does NOT do bangs, so have some awesome big bangs.. I look straight out of the 80’s/ early 90’s… Unfortunately it was probably closer to 95 than 85.


  2. Oh and I’m 90% sure that there was a flannel shirt involved with my outfit as well (I guess making it “grunge” and “modern” ?) probably knotted at the bottom.


  3. Traci

    You are SO cute!! And brave for posting these. In all fairness, there are some big hair 80’s (I know I’m old) pictures on Facebook of me…so you and Martha can take a gander at those if you’re so inclined. Oh, and I had a suspiciously similar flower sweater.


  4. Oh, your photos aren’t that bad! My 7th grade school photo is much, much worse. Alas all my horrible photos are at my parents house, buried in a closet somewhere, and that’s where they shall stay 🙂


  5. Too funny – I had to laugh at this post, only because I have some equally embarrassing pictures somewhere, I’m sure, in the same uniform at that!


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