Can I Still Call it the New House?

We recently got the paperwork for our one year walkthrough punch list what’s broken whatever maintenance thing from our homebuilder. I freaking can’t believe we’ve lived here for almost a year!

When we moved in I was all excited because we were going to get to take it easy and not have the list of 500 home improvement projects that seemed to get bigger faster than it was getting smaller. Now that we’ve been here for almost a year I can’t help but feel like I haven’t done ANYTHING with this house. We have two rooms painted. Really only 1.5 rooms because one of them is a laundry room and the other one is the separate toilet area in the master bath. Does that even count?!

Unfortunately the thought of painting here is extremely intimidating because the rooms are bigger, so the walls are bigger and the ceilings are not popcorn and my ceiling edging ability is non-existent and every time I think about painting something I start having flashbacks of how I had to pry my hand off the roller and force is out of its death grip position.

I have three more rooms I want to paint. Two of them are bathrooms and one is an actual bedroom.

Every time I get even close to getting started I find something else to do to distract myself, like reading the same book for the third time because hey, it beats painting!

So I’m trying to pluck up the resolve to just DO IT already and start with painting the upstairs bathroom (because I already have the paint for it) and I think once I do that I’ll be inspired to keep going because the sense of accomplishment will be AWESOME and probably short lived and the only way to recapture it will be MORE PAINTING. Or something like that.

On the other hand I’ve been considering upgrading WordPress because that sounds like a pretty good excuse to spend a few more hours in front of my computer not painting while still gaining a (small) sense of accomplishment. Maybe.

Or maybe I’ll just suck it up already and paint.

Or I could at least start taping.

One thing at a time, right?

2 thoughts on “Can I Still Call it the New House?

  1. gravydave

    you should get an airless paint sprayer — nothing makes a boring job much more tolerable than using cool tools — then again that might be a guy thing 🙂


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