My Wii Fit is Rude

So… I got a Wii for Christmas. And a Wii Fit. I see hours spent standing in front of my TV in my future.

Today I finally set the Wii fit up and while my BMI is within the “Normal” region, my Wii Fit age is 43. The Wii Fit wondered (outloud) if I did any sort of physical activity. Ever.

Ha. Ha.

It also told me I was Unbalanced.

I’m pretty sure it was not talking about my mental state, but I wouldn’t put it past it…

So I spent about 10 minutes trying some of the Yoga poses (Half Moon can kiss my ass) and then another 10 minutes trying to shift my weight in order to get a ball to fall through a hole. In 20 minutes I got 3 balls through 3 holes.

I am definitely Unbalanced.

And hopefully soon to be Fit!

4 thoughts on “My Wii Fit is Rude

  1. rachel

    this is my official first LOL of the new year. I’m glad you got a wii (and jealous) and I think it’s hilarious that i wondered if you did any activity ever, because the only exercise I’ve ever seen you do was at jelly beans!!! Good luck and get fit!!


  2. It is a little sassy. Just wait until you miss a couple days checking in and it gives you a big guilt trip.

    Super fun though!! Some of the best things have to be unlocked like the boxing.


  3. I’d like to get a wii fit. I played around on one over at a friend’s house. I sucked at trying to head the soccer balls. I wanted to bend my upper body instead of shifting my weight from side to side. and doing the hula hoop? I felt like an absolute moron. and lucky me, someone got it on video! but it is fun!


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