This year as part of our Christmas wish list Nate and I asked for gift cards to bestbuy so we could get a blu-ray player.

Today we went to try to get one and there were literally two on the shelf. One was an LG and one was a Samsung. The LG box was battered and the Samsung was open-box. So we grabbed the Samsung to take to the desk to see what kind of discount it came with. Right before we grabbed it another guy walked over and started looking at the blu-ray selection (all two of them).

So we walked to the customer service desk to ask about the discount and I noticed the guy watching us. Weird.

We had to wait in line at the desk and while we were there the guy walked over and kept glancing at us. I was like 99.9% sure he wanted the Samsung. I elbowed Nate and he agreed. Then I heard the guy on the phone talking about how he went there to get samsung but there was only one left. Only there wasn’t one left any more because it was MINE.

I know, I’m so mature. But seriously. Mine.

So then the guy walked over and asked us if we got it off the shelf over there. We did. And still we were stuck in line and still he was hovering a few feet away. Glancing at the woman he was with and then back at us. Like we were going to magically put it down and step away making all his dreams come true?

Finally we were able to talk to someone about the price and the guy, STILL HOVERING said “if you guys don’t buy that I’m getting it,” and sure I felt a little bad, but DUDE. Less hovering! Please! Pretty much we were probably taking it no matter what unless it had turned out to be shockingly expensive (it wasn’t) and I’m sure the fact that we were in line checking the price gave the poor man some small shred of hope, but in the end we left with a new blu-ray player and he was left asking if they could check the stock at another store.

Also – I guess that’ll teach us to leave the house before checking crap like that out online!

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  1. Ooh some of them will even stream Netflix videos and do other neat stuff like that. I have a PS3 as my Blu-ray player but I’ve yet to even buy a Blu-ray movie.


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