Happy Christmas to Me!

My wonderful husband got me a kitchen aid mixer for Christmas. I’ve wanted one pretty much since forever and now I finally have one!

I mean it may be extra lazy and if it is I don’t really care, but you just can’t beat starting the mixer, dumping the ingredients in, and then letting the mixer do all the work.

To celebrate I made Christmas cookies. Yum!

I have to admit though, I may or may not have almost had a melt down trying to roll out the dough on the counter without getting the dough stuck to the counter or the rolling pin because it always takes WAY more flour than I remember it taking.

In the end I triumphed over the sticky dough and hopefully tonight we’ll be icing cookies!

3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to Me!

  1. rachel

    woo hoo! Ilove my mixer, I would never bake without it!!

    Try rolling the dough directly onto parchment sheets, then you can cut the cookies out, pull of the excess, and put the cookies parchment and all into the oven. It helps with the sticking and with the pain in the butt that comes with moving the cookies.

    You can also do the same thing with one of those baking mats.


  2. Kimmykins13

    oooooo very NICE! I got a kitchen aid PINK food processor Christmas before last and I was beside myself. This particular processor has a dough hook too! I love it and I am sure you will love your artisan mixer!!


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