Candlelight Tour

Candle Light Tour

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We went back to the Biltmore for a long weekend and as usually it was beautiful! The weather on Saturday left a little something to be desired and we weren’t able to do the rooftop tour as we’d planned (thanks rain!) but instead we actually did the audio tour in the house which we’d never done before and it was really pretty interesting. I’m glad we finally did that.

It was also surprisingly busy up there! On Sunday before we left we went back by the house to take a few extra pictures (since it wasn’t raining any more) and the parking lot was filling up even at 10am!

This picture was taken before our Candlelight tour. My poor little camera has trouble focusing without a flash and in the dark and I’m really not good at holding it steady, so that’s about as good as it got!

Also, we managed to visit the barn area to pet the animals this year. I don’t think Nate participated in much animal petting, but (shockingly) I did! They were all very soft and apparently chickens are not so interested in being petted. Go figure. Fortunately baby goats seemed to enjoy the attention.

I think next time we’ll definitely need to go in the spring though. I really want to see those gardens in full bloom again!