Laugh Out Loud Moment of the Day

Truth in Error Message

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Outlook has crapped out on me THREE times today. The third time it actually took Microsoft Office Communicator with it.

All three times it happened while I was typing emails. I think it is not a Microsoft thing as much as a My Company Built an App to Work with Outlook and They’re not Cooperating Today type of thing, but that’s not really the point.

Anyways, this last time when Outlook finally completely died (I killed it after it stalled out) my message box didn’t disappear. It cleared the To and Subject lines, but kept the rest of the content. I was pretty excited to not be losing anything I’d typed so I copied the text, relaunched Outlook and crossed my fingers.

Outlook started back up ok but when I started to type in my message window it popped up that Catastrophic Failure message and all I could do was laugh. Loudly. A lot.

I also wanted to show everyone I could think of because seriously… how often do you get such an truthful error message?

2 thoughts on “Laugh Out Loud Moment of the Day

  1. If I ever see Bill Gates walking down the street? I’m going to knee him… somewhere very painful. That’s how well my Microsoft platform and programs have been performing for the last, oh, YEAR AND A HALF.

    Sigh. I wish I had never switched from Mac.


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