Impulse Shopping RULES!

Holy crap, guys, I got a new (to me) car!

Umm… remember how I got a new house earlier this year? We weren’t looking for a new house, not actively anyways, but I was sort of looking online anyways because someday we’d need a new house and when we did I wanted to be ready! And then we found an awesome house in a good location for a great price and next thing we knew we were moving?

Well, last week I was looking at new (used) cars thinking it would be nice to have something a little bigger and now I have a 2006 Honda Pilot. I traded in my 2005 CR-V. I loved that CR-V. Seriously, it was a great great wonderful car and I will remember it fondly as a perfect first dog-cart. Is that weird to get so attached to something like that? I seriously wanted to give it a hug before I left it on the car lot.

Is that weird?

And I have a confession to make.

This morning when I drove to work…. I parked my car way out in the boonies next to a curb so I could cling to the curb and keep my car doors as far from other possible car doors as possible.

There isn’t really anywhere in this parking lot I could park without someone else parking next to me, but I did what I could.

I never do that.

I roll my eyes when other people do that because PLEASE!  It’s just a CAR, people!

I didn’t ever do it with the CR-V.

And now I am one of those people with their PRECIOUS cars who walk 5 miles to the door because heaven forbid another car is allowed close enough to ding their precious.

Of course maybe it’s because I know from past experiences that I work with a bunch of inconsiderate door-dinging assholes.

4 thoughts on “Impulse Shopping RULES!

  1. A guy I work with has a really awesome Infiniti and his car has been dinged up twice in the parking lot from unknown door-dinging assholes. If you still owe money on your car, its not a terrible idea. There are just too many schmucks out there to not take some precaution every now and then unfortunately.

    But congrats on the new car!


  2. Awesome! I don’t blame you for parking it far away. Cars are expensive beasts.

    I am thinking about a new car next year. Now is supposed to be a good time to buy anyway, so good for you!


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