Dressed for Success

So I went to the holiday party over the weekend in my new dress and new shoes. My awesome sister came over and did my hair and makeup and I think it turned out pretty well.

Then I went to the party drank entirely too much and could barely get myself off the sofa for most of the day on Sunday. Hangovers are FUN!

Lesson Learned: I am SO too old for that shit.

Of course this means I still have not put up my Christmas lights this year and that is something I find to be very sad. I’m hoping to have enough light to do it one day this week after work, but it gets so dark so quickly in the evenings now it’s 6pm and feels like midnight! Yay winter…

I just feel so lazy about it though! Not many people on my street have lights up, but I’ve put them up for the past 3 years and I just can’t stand the thought of missing a year even if that means the lights are only up for 2-3 weeks instead of over a month! I guess I can just leave them up into mid-Jan to make up for it. I’m pretty sure when we moved in last year at the end of Feb there were still two houses that had decorations out.

And speaking of my neighborhood (I’m all over the place today!), last week there was a sign outside of the neighborhood advertising only four houses remaining for sale. Then this past week the sign changed and now says 8 houses left. There are only 3 houses for sale, and one lot that’s about to be developed so I’m kind of wondering where the other four houses came from. I’m trying to decide if I can ask someone or not because I can’t even begin to image where they would put four more houses.


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