Emergency Dress Shopping

This weekend is my company holiday party.

It is also a friend’s 30th birthday and a few weeks ago I was informed that he was SO not interested in going to the party (his wife works here along with the husband in another couple we hang out with so we could have all come together). So we weren’t going to the party. So I never got a dress for the party we weren’t going to.

On Monday I found out we’re going to the party.


The party is on Saturday which is not enough time for me to order one of the cute dresses I’d been eyeing on Target.com which means I actually have to leave the house and go to real stores and try on actual dress in actual dressing rooms which I hate doing.

Fortunately my personal stylist (aka: my sister) has agreed to come help me shop, which is good because I’m not always great at picking stuff like this out and she won’t blow smoke up my ass if I fall in love with something god awful.

So sometime before Saturday (like tomorrow) I’ll hopefully find a dress. Possibly even shoes (I have a feeling Meg will insist on shoes). I would push for a last-minute-emergency-hair-appointment but I’m pretty sure she’d shoot me down. If I’m super lucky she’ll teach me how to do something myself though.

Those last minute parties.. they’ll getcha every time!

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