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Thrilled to be Dressed Up

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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I obviously spent my time off torturing my pets.

Seriously though, I was at Target looking for nothing in particular and I saw the hats. I could not resist the hats. It has been brought to my attention in the past that my Christmas cards do not include the cats. This was not because the cats are less important, just because I dare anyone to try to hold my two cats in the same picture with my two dogs. Seriously, I dare you.

So this year I found a car that had space for two pictures and I wanted to make sure the cats were included.

I think though that the cats would prefer to NOT be included next year, if it’s all the same to everyone else.

The photo shoot happened very quickly. Nate and I locked ourselves in the pet room with the cats. I got Colby first and while he was slinking around the room trying to figure out where he could go to escape I got Tili taken care of. Then I scooped them up and Nate snapped a few quick pictures. This is my favorite because Tili is trying SO HARD to escape.

Fortunately I managed to survive the ordeal un-clawed and after removing the hats and treating the cats I think they’ve (mostly) forgiven me.

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