Short Week!

Did I mention that I love short weeks? Monday comes on Monday, Friday comes on Wednesday. Seriously, what’s not to love?

So something kind of funny. I read an article online the other day talking about sleep positions and what they mean and the quality of sleep you get etc. I’m the “soldier” and when I saw that position is more likely to have a bad nights’ sleep I decided that I was going to change my sleep position. It said the soldier position is more likely to have a bad nights sleep. Now, I fall asleep easily, but I also wake up multiple times a night, every night. For no reason except to look at the clock and see how much time I have left. So I figured if I could change my sleep position then I would sleep fine and everything would be perfect.

So I went to sleep on my side one night to test it out. First of all, I had a harder time than normal falling asleep. Second? I still woke up like 500 times! The funny thing is I think that it was really just to sort of check to see that I was still sleeping on my side. So one the one hand I felt sort of good that I was actually able to change my sleep position in one night. On the other hand I was so intent on changing it that it managed to wake me up multiple times in the middle of the night.

Sometimes I think I just can’t win.

And now it’s time for bed!

3 thoughts on “Short Week!

  1. I just looked at the pictures in that article and I don’t see mine anywhere. Am I the only person who sleeps with at least one hand under the pillow? Maybe that’s weird..?


  2. That was interesting! I am “the soldier” also. But, what it said wasn’t true for me. I pass out and very rarely wake up during the night. I used to sleep on my side and have slept way better since switching to my back. I also don’t snore.

    Dave–not weird about the hand under the pillow. That’s how my David sleeps, too.


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