Vampires Are the New Black

Or something like that.

I went to see Twilight today with a girlfriend of mine. I really liked it! Best movie ever? Of course not, but it was good. And the book was better but that’s sort of to be expected. I would totally go see it again and I will definitely buy the DVD.

Tonight I’m watching the season finale of True Blood. I was going to watch 24 Redemption (aka: Jack Bauer Saves Children) instead, but I’m kind of dying to know who the killer is! I subscribed to HBO on Wed. to start watching the show and I caught up quickly. So good! I can’t decide whether I’m going to read the books or not though. I started watching Dexter and then I read the books and while I thought the first book was great, the second book was good I was not really thrilled with the direction of the third book and I’m a little afraid to give something in the show away by reading the book, but I’m also afraid that I won’t like the direction of the book and it’ll be Dexter all over again (which by the way is still an awesome show).