My Yard Work is Paying Off!

Yard Work

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I get a little happy every time I look at my front yard. Because there’s grass. And I put that grass there.

And also there is pine bark, which three trips to Lowes later, taught me that 2cu.ft. of pine bark is not nearly as much as it looked like in those bags. Seriously. Three trips. (Trip one we bought 3 bags. Trip two I bought 6 more. Trip three I bought five more and we now have one bag sitting in the garage that is left over from the final 5 when I actually had purchased 5 expecting to have 2 bags left over for safe keeping.) Lesson learned.

My back yard also makes me ridiculously happy because my screened in porch is coming some day in the not-so-distant future. And I’ll be able to sit on it with all four pets watching the birds hanging out at my new bird feeder. I will use the hell out of that screened in porch even if it is the dead of winter!