Handy People RULE!

I’m finally about to get the screened in deck I’ve always wanted! Nate’s uncle is a carpenter and so with his help (and some help from our other ridiculously handy friend, Ted) we’re going to screen in the deck.

My dad was going to help too but then he went and broke his wrist. Some people will do anything to get out of a little manual labor.

Our plans were approved last Friday and on Tuesday we passed our first inspection. Of course it would have been sort of devastating had we failed considering the guy was inspecting the deck footers and the deck footers were sort of already there and part of the deck when we moved in. So we hope they had to pass an inspection when the deck itself was built. You know… Sort of makes sense. But it’s included with the permit fee, and also it’s required, so we went ahead and had it done.

Considering the rain on Tuesday I was a little worried about how to display my permit since you’re supposed to have it displayed somewhere that the inspector can get to it to sign. So in a moment of pure genius I taped a ziplock bag to back window and put the permit, the plans and a pen in it.

The good news is, we passed (duh) and everything stayed (mostly) dry.

The bad news is the inspector TOTALLY stole my pen! I really liked that pen too! It was one I got back when I worked at DPI! It was a good pen! And now it’s gone! (!!!)

So maybe the good news outweighs the bad, I’m still really going to miss that stupid pen!

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