Well I’ll Be Damned…

So it looks like Time Warner may have just earned a temporary stay of execution.

Last night while Nate and I were watching the election coverage the box in the living room rebooted three times in one hour. After the first time we started talking about satellite. After the second time we started looking at packages and after the third time we were SO switching.

And also I was ridiculously irritated and so I called them and asked WTF was going on. SERIOUSLY people!

The girl said they would send someone out to the house and maybe it was a signal problem but we may need a new box. Another new box you know, since we just got  a new box last time they were out here last month.

And then tonight the guy came out and said “the report says you need a new box but it’s definitely just a signal problem” and it just kept getting better from there. He looked at both boxes, at the outlets, he installed an amplifier, he setup the remotes to turn down the TV volume when the cable option was selected, he turned off the display on the box in the bedroom, and he said that the scrolling numbers problem we reported last month when they replaced the box was actually caused by the system trying to run an update only the signal wasn’t strong enough for it to complete.

So I don’t even want to talk about how many people have been out here in the mean time not saying ANYTHING about the low signal, but this guy was SO nice and explained everything to me and even swapped out the splitter we put in ourselves in the attic with a higher quality Time Warner splitter.

Obviously we need to give it a little time to make sure it works now that it’s “fixed” but MAN. I actually have a good feeling about this one and thank god too because I did not feel like having to relearn the freaking channel numbers or anything.

3 thoughts on “Well I’ll Be Damned…

  1. wow, reading all of that makes me happy! it just feels so good when you finally get to talk to someone who knows what they’re doing. yay! hope the goodness lasts!


  2. We don’t have TWC up here but we have a different cable company we use for internet. We had a terrible time getting it set up at our last house (it turned out a wire was cut out back) and we found out that the more times you call for service the higher quality technician they send to you. You finally complained enough that they sent you someone from the pool of competent techs instead of the pool of incompetent morons!!!


  3. We’ve had an awesome tech from Comcast come out to our house twice now, and man, he’s so good at his job (especially compared to all of his incompetent coworkers) that I just want to hug him!


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