Happy Halloween!

This year  I did not dress up for work.

That does not mean the dogs were able to avoid the costumes though.


Layne had a vet appointment today. Last night I found a weird thing on her tail. It was hard and it looked stuck on there pretty good. I tried to (gently) pull it off but was afraid I would do more harm than good so I waited and took her to the vet today instead. She wore her skirt from last year to the vet, but I put the wings on her when I got home because she kept trying to scrape the skirt off. Didn’t take long until she was trying to scrape the wings off too. I’ll spare you the details but the thing on her tail is nothing serious and she’s fine.


This bee outfit was Gouda’s very first Halloween costume. It’s a little snug but he makes such an adorable a sad bee!

Nate and I are staying home tonight to give out candy. We don’t really expect a lot of kids, but we’ll see how it goes!

3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. Aw those puppies are so cute!! Did you have any trick-or-treaters? I talked to my mom, and she didn’t have a single one. I did see some kids around here when I was on my way to a party. But they didn’t get any candy from me! Muh hah hah hahaha


  2. Kimmykins13

    Oh, He does make an adorable bee!!! Glad everything is ok with Layne’s tail. I’m emailing you a picture of Zoe in her princess costume.


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