I *heart* Flowers

This very flowery end of my backyard bed is sort of where I plan on trying to attract birds. I know they’re around, I used to see them all the time when it was nice enough to sit on the deck in the morning on the weekends.

Now all I need is a bird feeder. I’m pretty sure attracting birds will be super easy once I have the feeder. It usually is.

On the other hand, last night I was looking out the window and saw three very adorable very plump birds sitting on my fence. It was very exciting and I called Nate over to look and while we were watching three more birds came up.

I thought I was set until I noticed one of them hopping around the yard pecking at stuff. I think those little bastards are eating my freaking grass seed!

Here I was all excited I was getting birds without even putting out bird seed yet, but apparently bird seed is optional if you’ve recently seeded the lawn!


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