A Trip to the Fair

That’s right, I milked a cow.

Was I the only grown-up in line to milk a cow? Maybe. But how else was I going to be allowed close enough to a cow to actually pet one. It was kind of an interesting experience. Not at all what I had expected, not that I really knew what to expect. But, now I know how to milk a cow!

Nate and I took off work on Thursday to go to the fair with his dad.

I think this was even the first fair I’ve been to since moving to NC. I have some memories of previous fairs with my family, but I’m pretty sure they were all in GA.

Overall? I was not especially impressed. I mean I know a lot of people love the fair and if you have kids or are a kid I can totally see where it would be pretty cool, but I don’t see myself going back next year. It was a nice outing for a day though.

And also, baby cows are adorable and I heard after we went that there’s a petting zoo type area that we totally missed which is disappointing but what can you do!?

One thought on “A Trip to the Fair

  1. Yeah the fair is a bunch of crap. It never changes really. Last time I went (probably 2000 or 2001) there were rides and exhibits in the same place as they were 10 years prior. Thank goodness I don’t have to hear those @#$@ fireworks every night. That is a public nuisance and it really irritates me. One of my dogs used to get so upset when they went off each night but she went deaf this year so that’s the one bright spot to dogs losing their hearing I guess. haha


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