Watching Grass Grow

I think that sums up what I’ve been doing pretty well. I can’t wait to see my next water bill!

The good news is that the grass is actually growing.

I know that’s just about the most ridiculously boring update ever but I’m kind of stumped about what to write!

I could talk about my awesome new purse that I got for my birthday that is like 3 times the size of my last purse so it holds everything the old purse held PLUS much much more!

Or about how I checked Dexter in the Dark out from the library in the Large Print edition because it was the only copy there. Have you ever seen the print in the large print books? Holy cow it’s HUGE! Seriously. It’s not kidding around.

Or how about the dog’s most recent training session that took place at lake on Lake Pine Drive? Where we were out in public. And there were other dogs. And Layne was bringing the full CRAZY big time. And most people thought we were torturing her. It was kind of awful but it also kind of gives me hope because by the end of the session she was actually showing signs of improvement. I’m sure it’ll take a LONG time before it’s actually better, but small improvements are better than none at all!

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