Stupid F-ing POS Cable

One of my cable boxes is hosed. It is scrolling numbers across the display. I rebooted, it started scrolling again immediagely. I called tech support and they pretty much confirmed my fear. Cable box dead.

So we’re down to one cable box until Sunday when the cable guy will come out and either fix our current box (doubtful) or give us a new one. A new one would be nice except it means that we lose everything on our 68% full box.

I asked if this happened often and he said not really but it’s usually caused by an update being pushed out that goes wrong. Although our area didn’t have an update recently. I assured him that update or not this box has been struggling for a while. 99% pathetic.

Time Warner needs to get their damn act together or I’ll have to do something rash like get a damn satellite dish!

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