My Roomba

How I love Thee. Let me count the ways!

1. The fact I don’t have to vacuum any more.
2. The part where you unintentionally chase the dogs around the room.
3. The part where I’m not the one vacuuming.
4. The adorable start/stop sounds you make.
5. The incredibly thorough job that you do.
6. The amazing amount of pet hair I empty out of the canister.
7. Did I mention not having to vacuum any more?
8. Did I mention how complately adorable you are?

And is it wrong that when it runs I just want to watch it run. It’s just that entertaining.

We got it off WOOT! and it’s awesome.

5 thoughts on “My Roomba

  1. rachel

    I always wondered how those things would stand up to some serious dog hair, youll have to give us an update in a few weeks and let us know if its still going strong.


  2. I’m with Rachel – give us an update on how it’s doing in a couple of weeks. I have considered one of these forever, but wasn’t sure it was a match for the cat hair. You have more pets than me, so that should be a good test.


  3. Oh man I remember talking with you a long long time ago about these. Like everyone else, I’ve thought about getting one but just never did. Add me to the list of “waiting for an update in a few weeks” so I can make up my mind, too!


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