Upside Down

Upside Down

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This is what I got when I booted up my laptop this morning. My regular monitor was displaying everything upside down.

So because I was pretty sure I was smart enough to handle this without calling the helpdesk I pulled Firefox onto my laptop screen and started Googling. I found that you can change the display orientation using Ctrl-Alt-ArrowKey, but when I hit that it gave me an nview.dll-ish error and did not change. And then when I hit them again it did nothing.

So more Googling that seemed like it was the only option, either that or open the graphics card software and find the setting in there. I don’t know if anyone has tried to work on a screen when it’s upside down but let me tell you, it took a LOT of concentration.

I called the help desk.

So the guy remoted into my computer and was fiddling around with the nVidia settings only every time he tried to change the orientation it flickered and then went back to normal. I even caught a second or two of correct-orientation-ness a few times before it would land back on upside down. It was trying hard.

Finally he started killing things like Google Desktop and another app I didn’t recognize. And then he started killing processes in the task manager and then it worked and now all is right on my screen.

He said that something was stuck running that was preventing it from changing correctly. I asked him if the future solution would be look for things that shouldn’t be running in the task manager and killing them but he suggested I call the helpdesk back if it happens again. Apparently he was not impressed enough with my finding the Ctrl-Alt-Down Arrow solution on Google to think I could handle not breaking the machine.

Oh well! I guess now I actually have to start working!

4 thoughts on “Upside Down

  1. Google is a great way to solve many computer problems. A week or so ago a teacher here at school was having a weird problem with the speakers on her Macbook. Google revealed to me that the problem was happening to a lot of people and sticking a paper clip into the headphone jack and wiggling it around seemed to be a good solution. It worked!


  2. Traci

    I think I’m with gravydave…….and I add, “The first rule of Project Mayhem: You don’t talk about Project Mayhem.”


  3. I’ve had a couple calls like that from our users. Usually it starts with them admitting they were stacking tons of crap on their keyboard and then noticed the screen.


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