More of the Same

So I got the yard seeded. I bought an electric timer to water the lawn without having to remember to start or stop the water considering I’m not always the best at remembering that “stop” part.

I worked from home today waiting for someone from the home warranty people to come and replace a piece of trim they split when they came out a few weeks ago to “repair” the piece the was warped.

Also today my mom called and said my grandfather has taken a turn for the worse and his nurse doesn’t expect to last but a few more days. I mean I know we’ve seen it coming for a while now, but that doesn’t make it any less surprising and awful. I’m going to have to email my boss to let him know because I do NOT want to have to have some awkward conversation after I get the dreaded call at work about why I have to leave. I’m so not good at conversations like that. It’s going to suck, I can see it coming, I just have to hope that he’s at a point where it’s quick and painless and he won’t have to suffer.

And that’s all I have.

4 thoughts on “More of the Same

  1. kimmykins13

    I’m sorry Erin. I’m dealing with an elderly grandmother now too and we are not sure how much longer she will be around either-although she has just now taken a turn for the better. My thoughts are with you.


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