Stupid Cable!

It’s SERIOUSLY pissing me off.

I was trying to watch the Closer in my bedroom on Monday and I don’t know how it works with other units or whatever, but with our cable, if you hit the button to view the shows you’ve recorded, it puts the channel you’re currently on in a little box in the upper right hand corner while you scroll through the shows. So I picked the Closer, hit play and it started playing. In the tiny upper-right hand corner area even though the rest of the selection list was gone. I tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. I had no choice but to reboot the box. Which I had to do by unplugging because holding the power button down wasn’t working like it usually does.

Tuesday Nate and I were trying to watch TV in the living room and he hit the guide button only when the guide finally (delayed!) popped up it was empty. The channel are was blank, the show title area was blank, it was just like the shell was there. So we rebooted the box. And as we waited for it to come back up (over 5 minutes) it rebooted itself in the middle of initializing. A little while later once it was back up I hit the guide button and nothing happened. I hit the info button and instead of seeing the channel and show and description I saw the channel. I punched in a channel on the remote and normally you can see the numbers you’re hitting on the screen but this time I just saw the channel I was on. So I called Time Warner and got a message that they were rebooting some boxes right now so if that was the problem not to worry about it. And the hold time was around 30 minutes.

I held.

We tried rebooting the box AGAIN and it did the same thing.

In the mean time we tried to watch TV in the bedroom but that box wasn’t working at all. No picture, no nothing.

Finally I got a person, there was more rebooting of both boxes and while the bedroom box recovered it was recommended that we trade in the living room box for a newer model because it seemed to be having a lot of problems.

You know what’s having a lot of problems?! Freaking Time Warner’s crappy ass new software! Ever since they upgraded the software in the systems (we got a notice in the mail about it) they’ve had ALL SORTS of problems with it. Our boxes have both randomly rebooted themselves constantly in addition to other weird problems with OnDemand we’ve had.

I’ve seriously just about had it, but I can’t believe that switching services would really be that big a difference. If we got cable from someone else who’s to say they don’t use the exact same equipment? If we get satellite we’d have a dish on the roof and potential weather problems. It seriously sucks.

Maybe Dotty has the right idea after all. Screw cable and wait for the DVD! (Except then my poor husband would have to miss things like baseball and football and basketball).

Note: I wrote this post a few weeks ago and then never actually got around to publishing it until now and while the cable has been better it still randomly reboots and sometimes the guide doesn’t come up it just sits at “Loading” until the next time you reboot it.

2 thoughts on “Stupid Cable!

  1. It was all down hill after they changed the software. After some Googling, I found out that the old software was leased. The new software is some mangled piece of crap the TWC made themselves. It’s sluggish and buggy.


  2. I have one word for you: TIVO. Seriously. We had Comcast’s DVR for less than a day before we gave it back to them because it was so awful. We now have two Tivos and I love them to death. The only catch is getting the cable cards to work, because Comcast employees are stupid.


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