Power Outage

Nothing like having the power flick on and off a few times to shake things up at work!

It doesn’t happen often or anything, but when it does I have to admit I kind of like it. It’s sort of fun! It makes being in a cube less suck too. Everyone gets all quiet the first time it happens. Like we’re all holding our breath, hoping it will happen again only the next time maybe it won’t flick back on so quickly. And then it does happen again and you hear the sort of nervous tittering, people talking quietly, wondering what’s going on, and if it’s going to off and not come back on. People start making goofy comments about what could be causing it. Like someone in the breaker room going “I wonder what this plug does!”

And then it stops.

And things go back to normal, people get back to work, the normal sounds of being at work in cube-land return.

But still, for a few minutes it was almost fun. Almost exciting! And we were almost going home.

Ok, so maybe not almost, but it was definitely exciting to think so!