While we were visiting in KY, we went to the Bourbon Festival in Bardstown. The weather overall was pretty nice, but I had only brought blue jeans and the morning of our trip to the festival we decided to go shopping. While we were shopping I decided that it was WAY too hot outside to walk around in jeans all day (the stores were outside, not in a regular mall) so I bought a dress at Old Navy. The only dress they had in my size (they had no shorts in my size). Ordinarily I would not have picked out a hot pink dress, but given my lack of options I figured it would be OK. Plus it would make it easier for everyone to keep track of me at the festival should I wander off for any reason.

So anyways.

The festival was really fun. Last time we came to it we didn’t do anything around town. We parked next to the area the festival was in and we just walked around the tents. This year we spent a little time in Bardstown itself walking around and even did a historic horse drawn trolley tour. It was kind of fun and I wish we’d had more time to spend wandering around the town. Maybe next time!

There was plenty of cute stuff at the festival itself. Like the barrel turkeys outside of the Wild Turkey tent that we all had to climb into. Jennifer and I wandered past them early in the trip after the guys ditched us because we wanted to go into the pretty church and they wanted to go straight to the bourbon tasting area. as luck would have it the church closed 5 minutes before we got there, but the guys must have been running to the bourbon because by the time we got to the tent area we had lost them. So we wandered around and took some pictures, and I tried to get onto the turkey. It took me two tries, because the first time I seriously underestimated the amount of effort I would have to exert to get up onto the turkey sideways without putting a foot in the stirrup. Fortunately I managed.

All in all it was a pretty good trip! Hopefully we’ll go again sometime so I can spend more time wandering around the town and doing actually historic type stuff like seeing My Old Kentucky Home, and some of the churches, and really any one of the other 10 things to do in the town that we didn’t actually do while we were there.