Over Medicated

This week Nate and I will be going to Kentucky to visit some of his family. Of course, this means we’re boarding the dogs. So I figured I’d go ahead and get a jump on things and get the dogs’ chow and meds all packed.

Layne was easy. Chow into bag plus bottle of pills, one per day.

Then there was Gouda. It took me three tries to find a good way to write out his directions on a sheet of paper such that it fit well, was big, hard to miss, and made sense.

  • Food – one cup of chow plus 1/2 can of wet food mixed with 1 tsp Viokase V (pancreatic enzymes). Mixture needs to sit out for 15 minutes before feeding. Twice a day.
  • Medication
    • Breakfast
      • 1/2 metronidazole (already split)
      • 1 probiotic capsule
    • Dinner
      • 1/2 prednisone (already split)

Yikes! I mean I have to admit I’m a little nervous about leaving someone else in charge of all that medication, but it’s not like I can just never leave the house again! So I’m going to suck it up, and trust them to properly medicate my dog.

More good news would be getting all off all of the medication altogether, but that just doesn’t seem likely right now. We tried to get him off the metronidazole after he started the pancreatic enzymes but it didn’t work. He got worse. So she added steriods in case it’s actually IBS instead of pancreatic enzyme insufficiency. But she also insisted we remain on the enzymes, which she’s going to have to try REALLY hard to get me to refill because they were WILDLY expensive and supposedly a fix-all and they didn’t help. We’re about to take him off the metronidazole again (when we get back in town) and hope the prednisone will keep his stomach in order. Of course, if it does, then we have to work something else out because she doesn’t want him to be on steriods forever.

And such is the life of my money-pit dog!

Good thing they’re cute.

One thought on “Over Medicated

  1. Oh, I feel your pain! Luckily Asia hasn’t had to take meds that are too expensive, but the amount of money we’ve spent on vet visits in the last 3 weeks makes me light headed. And just when I thought we were done for a while, the vet informed me we needed to come back for a heart worm blood test. (Why they couldn’t have done that one of the last dozen times we’ve been there, I don’t know. Grrr.) Like you said, it’s a good thing they’re cute! 🙂


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