What Is It?

Those words were spoken by Nate last night when he spotted this little guy near the dog water bowl.

It’s just a cricket.

Generally speaking we have an agreement in the house when it comes to bugs. The agreement being, Nate “disposes” of most of them. The exception being spiders because while most bugs give me the creeps, spiders bother me the least. And they bother him the most. Sounds fair to me.

Anyways, this little cricket gave me flashbacks to elementary school, maybe middle school too. Back when I remember escorting crickets out of the building in order to prevent them from being killed. And when I say “escort” I mean “carry in my bare hands” which, gross.

So Nate was ready to kill it but I asked him to bring me a dixie cup, because while I may no longer be willing to touch the creepy little guys, I still don’t want them dead. It’s just a cricket. So I trapped it under a cup, wedged a piece of cardboard under it and carried him outside to go be free.

Who even knows how it ended up in the bathroom anyways.

2 thoughts on “What Is It?

  1. that’s so good of you! had that guy been in my bathroom, there would have been me shaking, having a near mental breakdown, and using 238 paper towels to kill him. and then still shaking the whole way to the trash can, which I would have immediately taken out to the dumpster. Hmm…where all of his friends would be waiting. Would they know what I had just done?


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