Laundry Room

So this is the finished laundry room. I hate posting the “after” picture without the “before” but in this case I can’t find a before! I didn’t take one before I started because I was sure that I had taken one after we put the cabinets up a few months ago.

So far I’m not finding one.

Anyways, basically we removed a wire shelf, Nate put up the cabinets and the past two weeks while he’s been in class I’ve painted the ceiling, painted the cabinets and then painted the entire room.

This room also fell victim to the mismatched paint problem that plagued the living room earlier this year. The wire shelf left holes in the wall. I patched the holes, I painted the holes, the paint didn’t match. Again.

So we knew it had to be done eventually. Plus the cabinets were white and I thought it would be nice if they matched the trim instead of being white. I’m hoping to get a new (energy star high effeciency) washer and dryer this year, but that’s something else altogether.

So anyways, let me just tell you that the scooting and sliding and squeezing in and around the washer and dryer was NOT fun. After I finished taping the room I thought “Oh shit, how am I going to paint this?!” and then somehow I managed.

The color turned out better than I could have hoped. It looks so good, in fact, that Nate would like for us to maybe consider painting the upstairs bathroom that color later this weekend. The picture just doesn’t quite do it justice.

And now that it’s 8:30 I’m sitting here watching the NCSU game wondering if it’s too early to get ready for bed because I’m exhausted! There’s only so much home improvement I can do in two weeks without crashing!

3 thoughts on “Laundry Room

  1. I swear you had pictures of the “before” also. We’re all hallucinating photographs that don’t exist! Anyway, it looks great! I hate painting, but I’m always so glad I did it once it’s over.


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