I’m a Bad Mother

My pets have a dinner time. It’s 7pm. I just fed them.


In my defense I took the dogs to the vet for a 5:30 appointment to get their kennel cough vaccine and have their nails trimmed. (Normally I trim them myself but they trim them SO SHORT I’m just too nervous to try and trim them that short). It went well, I got home around 6:15 and started taping the laundry room to get ready for painting. Then I decided to go again and put a coat of paint on it and the next thing I knew it was 8:15!

So I packed everything up in case it needs a second coat tomorrow and then watched an episode of Paranormal State off the DVR and then started thinking about taking the dogs outside to use the bathroom one more time before it starts pouring (it’s been threatening to for over an hour now) and then it was 8:45 and I started thinking about putting the cats in their room for the night and feeding them and then OH MY GOD I hadn’t fed anyone!

Normally Colby starts howling around 6-6:30 as a reminder that it’s almost time for dinner. Tonight? Not a peep! WTF?!

I can’t believe that none of the pets reminded me. So weird!

So really.. this all makes it sound like I just sort of fed them late, but in reality I seriously almost just forgot to feed them altogether tonight.

Such a bad parent!