Unsuspectingly Psychotic

It’s times like this picture that you’d never know what a complete mental freak this dog can be. She looks so sweet, so innocent. Possibly even well behaved.

We had someone come out in January to do a training evaluation and then we put the house on the market and decided to wait until we were settled into the new house before we picked that training thought back up.

So I think we’re finally (well beyond) settled. Sept 6 is going to be her first day of training. Unfortunately the guy that came out to do the evaluation doesn’t work with this group any more. He’s off training police dogs now, so I think that says pretty good things about the level of training provided by this company.

I have scheduled her first two training sessions and hope to schedule the final four when the guy comes out to the house. I have to admit I’m a little worried because during the evaluation (7 months go) I was under the impression that you set a weekly schedule for this, but this trainer seemed surprised that I wanted to schedule more than one lesson at a time. Maybe he figures you need time to make sure you’ve mastered the first lesson before the second? I’m not sure.

So anyways I’m pretty excited about the whole thing! The thought of some day being able to take the dogs to a dog park and not have Layne act like she wants to eat each and every other dog she sees is basically awesome. So much awesome.

4 thoughts on “Unsuspectingly Psychotic

  1. Kimmykins13

    Awww – She looks so sweet. Good luck with the training! My Aunt did training with her very skiddish dog. Unfortunately it really didn’t work out that well because he is still a total (lovable) FREAK! She didn’t really stick with it though and that may have been what her problem was.


  2. Man, I can’t even tell you what a big difference it made with Rachel’s dog once she started getting help from a professional trainer. It was like night and day!


  3. How old is your dog? Our oldest is 5, and we’re worried it’s too late to get him trained. We did Petsmart training (TWICE!) when he was a puppy, but he still tries to choke himself to death on leash, no matter what kind of collar we use. We can’t take him anywhere, which is such shame. He’s a really sweet dog when he’s not completely freaking out.


  4. You mean that sweet looking dog isn’t well behaved?? Our last family dog was a total head case. Walking him near other dogs was always an ordeal, not to mention he was afraid of pretty much everything. And yet, he was still lovable as I’m sure Layne is. Good luck with the training, I hope it works out! I’m sure it will make your lives much easier.


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