It’s that Time Again

Nate started school again this week. That means that I’m not stuck trying to entertain myself for 3 evenings a week while he’s in class. Since he didn’t take summer school I’m way out of practice! I think I may have set my sights a little too high this time. I’m planning to redo the laundry room.

A few months ago we put up cabinets and I can’t remember if I wrote about it or not and I searched my site and didn’t see anything, but let me just say the cabinets were a big fat pain in the ass. A pain in the ass that ended in several patched holes in the wall. The patches holes in the wall led to me using the touch up paint, which led to the same problem we had in the living room. The touch up paint just did not match the paint in the laundry room.

Also, my dear husband, who was in the zone with the drill wound up drilling holes for two handles on one of the cabinet doors. So one of the doors to one of the two sets of cabinets has two holes in it at the top above the handle. Oops!

Anyways! What with the mismatched paint and the holes in the cabinet I figured my project could be fixing the laundry room. So far I’ve patched holes and painted the ceiling. Why paint the ceiling? Because it’s painted the same color as the stupid walls. I never even noticed until I was looking at the room getting ready to get started.

Next I’ll paint the little cabinets and I’ll finish the room off by painting the walls.

I haven’t quite figured out how to do this without removing the washer and dryer and also without painting myself, but there must be a way.