This is my (other) Cat on Drugs

So today Colby catapulted (haha, get it??) to the spot of “most expensive single vet trip of the house.” I mentioned last month, Colby needed to have his teeth cleaned because they were pretty awful. so I dropped him off this morning and headed into work.

Mid way through the day I got a call from the vet saying she took x-rays and Colby would not not one, but TWO teeth extracted. Ugh. How did he go from being fine one year to needing two teeth extracted the next?! The vet said he had Feline Oral Resporptive Leisons which cannot be repaired but no one is sure what causes them. Great. Also, when I got the pictures after I picked him up it looks like it was the back molar-ish teeth that got pulled. Poor kid! Good thing he doesn’t bother to chew his food…

So the poor cat is now wandering around the house wailing like he’s lost. Layne isn’t as interested in him as she was in Tili, but I think Gouda is picking up the slack. I also think it looks like his face is a little swollen and he was given pain meds for the next like five days.

And lastly, as I’m laying in my bed watching DVR’d Olympics from last night, Colby just tried to jump onto the chest at the end of my bed and failed miserably.

SO drugged!