Doe a Deer

On Monday we went to Dupont Forest. My dad had rented four bikes we were stopping on the way to pick up. Four of them were going to ride bikes, and four of us were going for a walk. One of us was too hung over to leave the house in the morning, but I won’t name names.

So before we headed down the path we talked to a couple of guys who had just come out of there with their dogs. They told us not to take the first left onto Triple Falls because if we kept going and kept making lefts after it we would come back around in a circle and see the falls on the way out.

I’m not sure if we missed a left or what, but 1.5 hours later we were about 2 miles up the road (actual street, not forest path) from our parking lot and we had seen no falls.

The walk itself was really nice. We saw a great covered bridge, and even spotted a deer, although without knowing where to look in that picture I really never would have seen it! Otherwise we spent a LOT of time looking at the ground trying not to step on horse crap. Sort of a bummer when you can’t look at the scenery on your scenic walk because there is a LOT of horse crap.

We wound up walking from the upper parking lot to see Hooker Falls while those from our party on bikes road back down the street to get the cars.

It’s a pretty nice park, but it would have been even nicer had there been a map or something you could take with you on your walks instead of having to look at the big map that only appeared in parking lots and hoping you remember the path names as you’re walking.