Super Fun

Nothing like opening your laptop after your mom used it to find IE open to your website. Hi Mom! I’ve been slack about updating. I know.

Vacation is awesome so far. Lots of loafing at the pool. Hit some golf balls (poorly) at the driving range, took the longest walk ever at Dupont Forest, which wasn’t quite how I pictured it, but it was still fun. I’ll talk more about it later once I get some of my pictures uploaded. I’ve already pulled a lot of them off the camera, but I want to wait until I have all of them so I can make sure I only upload the really good ones and I don’t upload 500 pictures of my vacation when people really only wanted to see like 3.


It’s now 12:17am and for those of you who know my or visit here often it is SO far past my bed time I don’t know how I’ll get up in the morning. We’re expecting Nate’s brother to arrive around 1-2am with his wife and children although Nate will be the only one waiting up for them because I am freaking dead tired.

The men are outside smoking cigars now. I can hear them laughing every now and then and it sort of makes me laugh too, because I can tell by the tone that someone just did or said something completely idiotic and I only wish I’d heard them too! I tried a couple of the cigars and I could tell a difference, but I still fail to see the point. I’ve been taught not to inhale cigars, but doesn’t that defeat the purpose of smoking in general? I’m pretty sure if I was to inhale I’d just choke and cough and hack, but that’s just a guess.

Oh, and this year we didn’t go to the Outer Banks. After two years in a row we decided to go to the mountains instead. It’s been really fun and a nice change, but I think we’ll be back at the beach next year. We’ll see!

ANYWAYS (again).

More to come later. More fun stuff about drunk karaoke (my completely awesome parents have a karaoke machine), and laying by the pool, and hopefully horse riding and a trip to the Biltmore are coming up. And there was a visit with my grandparents which just makes me laugh and want to cry all at the same time, so plenty to say, just… not enough awake-ness to do it right now!

PLUS! I’d really like to wait for the pictures (for some stories) to help illustrate me point. I hope everyone is enjoying their work week this week while I’m off, in the mountains, not working, sleeping late, and drinking probably more than I should.