Vacation, Here I Come!

Of course I wound up at work 40 minutes after I wanted to leave the day before I’m off for a week, because isn’t tha always how it works?!

Anyways, FINALLY it’s here! Vacation! Packing is hard and am I bringing enough stuff, too much stuff, will I get there and realize I forgot something important? I think you if you saw everything we’re bringing with us you’d say “too much!” but I figure better safe than sorry.

The pets are all set to go. The cats have someone checking on them and the dogs are going to Pupsi, as always. I hope they have fun! I just love that we’ll pick them up and they’ll sleep for the next 3 days due to exhaustion. It’s pretty awesome.

I’m also bringing my laptop with me. Is that wrong?

2 thoughts on “Vacation, Here I Come!

  1. Kimmykins13

    Going to the OBX again this year? I went down a couple of weeks ago to see my parents. If that is where you are going be prepared for the heavy traffic in Duck. I’m sure you know this well.

    Have a great vacay!!


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